Please see below for several job opportunities that Petro Travel Plaza in Rochelle has available this summer:

Petro Travel Plaza in Rochelle has job opportunities for high school
students and/or graduating seniors! Opportunities include:

    Deli Worker at our Diesel Fuel Island Building: 6am-2pm Saturdays
and Sundays.  More     hours may be available to cover weekday
call-offs, vacations, etc. Duties include light     food prep,
stocking and cleaning deli area.  No cash handling required on

    Fuel Cashier at our Diesel Fuel Island Building: 4pm-Midnight
Saturdays and Sundays.      Must be at least 18.  More hours may be
available weekdays to cover call-offs, vacations,     etc. Must be
mature, trustworthy, computer savvy and able to handle large amounts
of     cash.

    Servers in the Iron Skillet Restaurant: primarily
afternoon/evening shifts, 3-4 shifts a     week.  Must be mature,
quick, able to memorize menu, wait on multiple tables, cash out
customers, as well as side work such as cleaning, stocking, etc. in a
very busy     restaurant.  Good servers make excellent tips here!
Generally for people 18 years old or     older, but mature, capable 16
or 17 year olds are welcome to apply.

    Midnight Store Cashier: 10pm-6am, full-time.  Must be 18 or older,
mature, night owl,     with good cash handling and customer service
skills.  Store cashiers work stations in     both stores in the main

Starting wage is at least $11.00 per hour (depending on experience,
shift, etc), with the exception of Servers who are paid the state
tipped minimum wage (currently $6.60/hour) plus their tips.  All
employees receive a 15% employee discount.

To apply, stop in anytime 24/7 at the Application Station next to the
ATM in the main building.  For questions, contact Cindy Knight
weekdays at 815-562-8475 or email: