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Ashton-Franklin Center is always looking for more talented individuals to add to our team. View our current openings and apply online through the Lee/Ogle/Whiteside Regional Office of Education #47. If you don’t see any active openings but are interested in a future in AFC, please reach out to Superintendent Michael Lindy.

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Why work for AFC schools?

  1. Our students. Our classrooms are filled with great, well-behaved young people. Our community has a strong work ethic and high level of respect for teachers, and that culture is reflected in our students’ behavior.

  2. Small class sizes. While it varies by grade and elective, our class sizes range from 13 to the low 20s — small enough that you can really get to know your students on a personal level.

  3. Competitive compensation. We strive to keep our salary and benefits package competitive with neighboring districts. The AFC administration has a very positive relationship with our teachers’ association, and contracts are settled quickly and amicably.

  4. We invest in YOU. We offer partial tuition reimbursement for teachers and non-certified staff who want to advance their education. We also provide robust in-district professional development and bring in experts when needed — and we pay you for any professional development time during the summer.

  5. Quality resources. We believe in providing everything our teachers need to do their jobs well, from teaching materials (including significant curriculum updates) to classroom technology such as interactive whiteboards and Apple TVs. We are a one-to-one district, so every student has their own Chromebook. Our parent community is also very supportive of our schools when there are additional needs.

  6. Committed coworkers. We are fortunate to have a tight-knit, supportive staff of about 65 colleagues (two principals, about 43 teachers and 20 support staff). Our employee surveys consistently show a very high level of job satisfaction, and at least a quarter of our staff were once AFC students — a testament to their commitment and connection to our school community.

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