Facebook gallery of 60+ images from Global School Play Day 2023
Kate and Evelyn at spelling bee
Pickleball players
AFC team members competing on Quiz Bowl
Photos from Illinois Meats Judging Series
Cailin & Grace
Students did triangle tests, identified aromas, tested their knowledge and math skills, and designed a trail mix
Eight awarded official FFA dress
Ethan Vogeler
Andrea Buhrow, Lane Koning, Zane Murphy, Logan O'Brien and Jack Delhotal
Kate Viall on stage at spelling bee
FFA Banquet photos of officers, meal, auction
Taylor Jahn
Kate Viall throwing arms up in victory
Clover Conner - Sauk Valley Academy
Andrea Buhrow - James Scholar Honors Program
Caron Rueff - St. Ambrose University, 23-23 Fighting Bees Basketball
Spotlight with Congratulations Jacob Warrenfeltz
Various gold screwdrivers and nuts
Artwork of dresses made with cut flowers